March 2020

Burnout Signs

(Herbert Freudenberger 1974)

Burnout arising from work

  1. Physical and mental exhaustion (tired, can hardly move, has to force himself out of bed)
  2. Cynicism, lack of interest in the work
  3. Feeling of uselessness, incompetence and inefficiency
  4. Lack of productivity
  5. 1 - 3 → Depression (starts at work, affects the whole life)
  6. No satisfaction from the work
  7. Everything gets under your skin → Anger
  8. Lack of concentration and idealism; disillusionment, forgetfulness
  9. Sleep disorders (falling asleep and sleeping through the night)
  10. Frequent headaches
  11. Increased abdominal pain, immune deficiency
  12. C2, medicines, drugs
  13. Increased RR and pulse
  14. Increased thirst, blurred vision, DM(2) risk increases
  15. Increased AU days or work despite illness

Burnout signs in Doctors (according to my experience)

As far as the medical profession is concerned, in my experience with numerous colleague-clients, there are warning signs in both professional and private life that need to be recognised and taken seriously. The following examples, taken individually, are neither complete nor conclusive, giving more indication.

A combination of several should, however, draw attention:

  1. Errors at work are becoming more frequent.
  2. You are criticised time and again because of your manners, because of factual/technical circumstances.
  3. Enquiries, doctor's letters, telephone calls, factual clarifications remain unresolved for too long (procrastination/movementitis).
  4. You do not feel like going to work.
  5. Patients become only sources of income.
  6. Patients become predominantly stress factors.
  7. You are moody, criticise others (professional/private).
  8. The future looks bleak (personal/collective).
  9. You are always starting arguments; self-doubt accompanies them.
  10. You sleep badly and are not rested in the morning.
  11. Getting out of bed in the morning becomes a torture.
  12. You have a tendency to "nightcap", tranquilizers, hypnotics, or even drugs.
  13. Patient questions accompany you home; you cannot let go of them.
  14. Leisure activities (e.g. hobbies) are no longer fun, so you neglect them.
  15. You develop cynical traits.
  16. Work no longer makes sense for you.
  17. You become estranged from your life partners and are only interested in yourself.
  18. You develop an unhealthy relationship with money (e.g. unnecessary purchases, over-indebtedness).
  19. You enter into external relationships.
  20. Again and again, you feel that you are being treated unfairly ("the world is unfair").
  21. You are jealous of others.
  22. Energy, ease and joy have become foreign words.

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