April 2020

How to energetically charge your thoughts and actions

For most of us, thinking is something that just happens; something we have little influence over.

There is no misconception that needs revision more than this.

With a little practise, you can take your thinking away from the usual automatisms, whenever and wherever you want.

To master this art, it is useful to know some of the laws that govern our thinking. These regularities are simply there by natural law. They act like gravity - existing regardless of whether they are useful or harmful.

Law Number Six: We are transmitters and receivers of thoughts

In her book, "Das Nullpunktfeld", science journalist Lynn McTaggart presents phenomena researched in the natural sciences, to which the public pays less attention to than the "mainstream", but whose validity is not doubted even in expert circles.

A number of such studies are called "Remote Viewing". Imagine that you (A) are sitting in an apartment with another person (B). Both of you are test subjects in an experiment to investigate thought transmissions.

Person A receives the order to stay in the room. Person B is sent to the nearest major station. A and B have no possibility to communicate with each other. B is given a list of 10 destinations, of which she chooses one to travel to.

As soon as B has arrived at her destination, A is given the task of visually imagining (not analytically describing), the situation that B is currently in.

Surprisingly, A describes B's situation with about 80% accuracy. In a concrete example, B was on the top of a mountain in front of a parabolic antenna. A saw B in front of something that was "big and round".

Through these experiments and the experiences of countless people that we struggle to understand, we find that humans are "transmitters and receivers of thoughts".

In the Second World War, there were hundreds of reports of mothers fainting at the moment of their child's death - for example at Stalingrad. It is to be assumed that a young man in an increasingly hopeless situation would think longingly of his parental home in peace, and of the experience of motherly protection that he had probably received in the past. It is obvious that this may occur even in a moment of intense fear, in the face of death. Here, then, is an example from practical life that the son was the sender and the mother the receiver of thoughts.

Many people experience "thought transmission" again and again. Just at the moment when I was thinking of her, Aunt Miezi calls. Strange coincidence.

Finally, a remark about coincidence - Everything in the universe follows a set of rules: the speed of sound and light; gravity; inheritance; entropy; mechanics; death and becoming. But humans believe in coincidence because we cannot explain a phenomenon with our basic way of thinking.

Say goodbye to your belief in coincidence!

If you haven't already, say goodbye to your belief in coincidence. It is nothing more than one of the useless habits of thought we adopted in childhood. There was truth in what the adults told us. There was a naturalness that we lived in and in the situation we were born into. We did not have a choice. Choices in thought can develop gradually from around puberty - they can, but do not have to. Countless people never discover their choices. They are helplessly at the mercy of external circumstances and/or old thought patterns for the rest of their lives.

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