April 2020

Superdoctor Syndrome and How BrainTuning Can Help You to Avoid It

Within the medical profession, the growing presence of an unhealthy culture is proving harmful to both the physical and mental wellbeing of those affected.

Superdoctor Syndrome

Superdoctor Syndrome affects 72% of medical professionals in the UK. These are people who are measuring themselves against a simply unachievable expectation. These doctors are turning up to work even when they are too unwell, stressed or fatigued to be productive and efficient. Under the very same circumstances, they would advise patients to stay off work, so why do they consistently show up when they're clearly unfit to do so?

Feeling guilty about taking time off and always wanting to do their best for patients are just a couple of reasons why doctors continue to attend work, regardless of their own health. Worryingly, medical professionals living up to this 'Superdoctor' label are susceptible to the risks of burnout, mental health issues and long-term sickness, not to mention the increased likelihood of human error. Clinical errors can have potentially devastating circumstances and, in a recent survey of medical professionals, more than 25% of these people suspect that emotional exhaustion has contributed to an irreversible clinical error, with 67% saying that this was due to a lack of concentration.

It is apparent that doing nothing about this Superdoctor culture in medicine comes at a deeply concerning cost.

How can we challenge Superdoctor Syndrome? With the help of the BrainTuning System, of course.

BrainTuning System

Dr Jan C. Wulff developed his 5-stage BrainTuning System to help medical professionals to better deal with the many stresses and pressures that make up the world of medicine and to help these people to live more fulfilling lives.

The five stages involved in this process are self-discovery, joy roadmap, success tools, mindfulness matrix and anchoring habits.

Commit to Dr Wulff's BrainTuning and go from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to positive, energised and deeply fulfilled. Rediscover the same passion that you felt when you first started practising in medicine and live more happily, enjoying better relationships with those in both your professional and your private life.

Do you want to learn more about Dr Jan C. Wulff, his effective BrainTuning System and how you too can regain your zest for life and achieve top performance?

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