Since committing to Dr Jan C. Wulff's incredible BrainTuning System, I have positively transformed my mindset, philosophy and outlook. I have gone from becoming stressed and anxious over things that are out of my control, to calmer and happier than ever with my newly gained knowledge and understanding, all learnt via Dr Jan's invaluable coaching. I believe that, along with Dr Jan's extensive knowledge and expertise, it is the clarity in everything that he shares, his fantastic sense of humour and genuine empathy that make him such a wonderful coach. He is a really good laugh and has a way of arousing positive energy. I would strongly recommend Dr Jan C. Wulff to anyone that would benefit from working on a positive mindset in order to achieve both their professional and personal goals.

Susanna Prevett
Bristol, UK
Member of the NHS

Dr. Wulff has been my family doctor for many years. I appreciate Dr. Wulff not only as a very competent physician, but also as a very special person.

Often it was the intensive discussions and the special perception of Dr. Wulff that led to his recovery. For years, however, I have suffered from hypertension which is difficult to treat and which has highly fluctuating blood pressure values. So Dr. Wulff suggested an individual coaching session to find out what really put me under pressure.

Dr. Wulff supported me in freeing myself step by step from my protective cover. After about 4 hours of coaching, the essentials hidden deep in my subconscious began to reveal themselves, partly for me a new truth about how I really am and what was really pushing me. Thus, Dr. Wulff helped me during the coaching through his clear, positive and special way to focus on what I want and what is really important to me in life.

Due to my great need for recognition, among other things, I have often successfully hidden my innermost self and built up a great inner pressure. Not only have my blood pressure values stabilized, but Dr. Wulff has given me a wealth of tools to help me make my life more positive in various areas such as family, friendships and health.

I have also become more authentic towards people, with no or less tension when making mistakes. I let my inner world dominate less and less by the outside world and have strengthened my resilience... For this, dear Dr. Wulff, I would like to thank you very much! I am looking forward to every coaching session with you, because without exception these are very special conversations with depth and ease. I am also grateful to them, among other things, for the fact that through the coaching I have gained even more of the ability to find 'the beautiful in the now'.

Regina König-Schüttemeyer, retired secondary school teacher, Norderstedt

I asked Dr. Wulff for his medical advice because I was acutely ill. However, after a thorough evaluation of my various symptoms and sensitivities, Dr. Wulff came to the conclusion that the origin of my physical problems was more to be found in my mental health status and that help should therefore be given on the mental level. He made me the offer of a personal coaching.

In a trusting atmosphere and with a high degree of life experience, Dr. Wulff was particularly able to lead me to reflections and insights through targeted questions and extremely attentive listening, which would not have been accessible to me without his help alone. In doing so, he provided me with an amazingly broad spectrum of references (e.g. from the sciences, religions, spiritual teachers, books, outstanding individuals from present and past) for discussion and illustration. I was free to choose which examples, following my personal preferences, we wanted to work out thoughts in more depth together. I and Dr. Wulff also shared very personal experiences from our own lives and families with each other in complete confidence and used them to strengthen our common understanding. Our meetings were accompanied by additional tasks and exercises, which my coach recommended to me for the periods between our meetings and for the further daily routine to practice and apply what I had learned.

This coaching with Dr. Wulff gave me back my attacked life energy faster than expected, facilitated the profound recovery for my body and enriched my life in the long run.

Dr. Wulff has "sent me on a journey" on which I still have long distances ahead of me and which I look forward to with highly positive anticipation. He has shown me many exciting possibilities and ways and equipped me with insights, rules and techniques that will help me to continue this journey with clear goals even after the coaching. For me personally, the first focus will be on consciously reflecting happiness, the power of the present and drawing positive energy from gratitude and spirituality. I am looking forward to deciding my next steps independently, to learning even more about myself and to continuing to exchange views with my coach from time to time!

J.G., Sülfeld

I visited Dr. Wulff during a difficult personal situation. Very quickly, in our intensive and structured conversations, it became clear to me that it takes action to make a difference. I am still amazed by the speed of my change. People, things and situations have come into my life that I did not expect. My personal situation has changed completely within seven months. The techniques I have learned now belong to me, and I am able to focus my thoughts. With his precise and clear manner, pictorial language and humour, Dr. Wulff accompanied me through a difficult time and allowed me to regain my self-confidence. What I have found inside myself is unbelievable. Everything is possible - thanks for that!

Dagmar Strampe, Neetze, Niedersachsen, Germany

"Sick or healthy? Thanks to your support, I know it's up to me too."

Your clear and comprehensive questions and instructions, always individually tailored to my needs, have helped me to recognise unconscious patterns of thought and action in a differentiated way, and to work consciously on a lasting change. With feeling, you stressed the importance of determining my position, and supported me in formulating goals specific to my needs, detached from my social environment.
The attentive questioning, the humorous lightness and the appreciative understanding of you, dear Dr. Wulff, made coaching for me a valuable, lasting experience. Motivated to carry out small and complex changes is now a joyful life task for me and I say, "Thank you" for every minute that I can be with you.

Inken Schaft, Delingsdorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Until my coaching began, I had never really believed in mental training. At least for me, it meant nothing. At a point where my life was at a stand-still, I tried. I had prepared myself for inner resistance and scepticism, as well as a long and arduous process.

The opposite happened. I was very surprised how fast it went; how quickly my inner attitude changed and thus the problematic things in my life improved. And the whole thing even seems to have a positive effect on my environment in the meantime.

The most important thing: Firstly, I already feel safer, more relaxed, optimistic, liberated - simply much better globally. And I finally have my old sense of humour back again. Secondly, things that seemed completely impossible to me before, or that I had long since said goodbye to inwardly, now seem feasible and achievable after all. I am ready to fight again, with no more trace of resignation.

Not only has coaching provided me with considerable improvements in my life, but it has also given me confidence that those changes are sustainable, and that I will be prepared for the future, no longer at the mercy of my misconceptions. I have found the light at the end of the tunnel, and the light shone on places that I didn't know existed. Very interesting.

I can really recommend coaching with Dr. Wulff, even to skeptics.

Viviane Vogel, Sülfeld, Schleswig-Holstein; Germany

I got to know Mr. Wulff as a gifted doctor and mental coach. He has an incomparable and positive way of helping me to get to the bottom of things. In addition, Mr. Wulff knows life in all its facets himself. This is how he meets his dialogue partners at eye level and with high esteem. I can recommend working with Mr. Wulff if you want to improve your quality of life long-term.

Bernd Ziethen, Nienwohld near Hamburg, Germany

The calls we had were at a time of extreme confusion and helplessness in my life and I want you to know that your calm way of treating people and the confidence that you bring to the table really made a difference in my life. I continue clearing my job as a physician and my relationships. You will be helpful to other people again and again and I know it will bring you great rewards. Thank you for your patience, your forgiveness and your coaching.

Sabine Heinemann, The Netherlands

After having sought for years a good technique to increase my wealth and self-esteem,
and having checked information from various sources (like numerology, tapping, EFT and so on), meeting and talking to Dr Wulff has been the most real experience of all. His calm, clear and relaxed speech, moulded with a deep and warm voice, make it very difficult to miss what he says. His questioning is appropriate; his guidance drives you straight to the point. I am in debt to his kindness and reasoning and recommend his assistance to anybody. Thank you so much, Jan!

Lluis Marti, Spain

Jan asks questions which encourage clients to reach deep inside themselves to identify, become aware of, take responsibility for, and evolve their sub or core beliefs in order to form a new truth about who they really are. Jan uses all of his resources, talents, education, gifts, joy, energy to guide the client to feeling better and take action to do better.
Jan has a love and energy for life which inspires his clients to self-empowerment and he interacts in such a way as to allow people to feel as if they truly matter and are important.
Jan is an uplifting, energetic, multitalented, caring individual who loves making a positive difference in others lives.
I am very blessed to have Jan as a coach, mentor, friend and those who partner with him as a coach will receive great benefit and miraculous experiences.

Catherine Dayton, Canada

I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with you I liked that you always listened to what I had to say, and after every single session, I had greater clarity on an action that I should take. You clearly understood the challenges I was facing, and gently encouraged me to find my own solutions. You weren't too demanding, realising that I was already overwhelmed, but you really helped me to look at things from a different perspective, and I really appreciate that.

Maxine Hargreaves, UK

Jan has a gift of effortlessly getting into the core of the issue. With his wise guidance he has managed to ease my resistance to finding solutions to the most difficult situations. He has coached me with a good dose of his wonderful sense of humour into overcoming obstacles that I had not wanted to face before. I am truly grateful to you, Jan, for coaching me, as it has made a great difference in my life.

Marielle Borthwick, Estonia

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